Thursday, August 23, 2012

*HOT* Crystal Light Catalina Double Dip = SUPER CHEAP @ Shaw's!!!

First off, I have a confession to make. I absolutely love Crystal Light. The Orange Sunrise is the best creation ever created, & I can seriously drink bottle, after bottle of water that is flavored with that stuff! YUM!
Second, if you're wanting to stock up on Crystal Light, HERE is the chance!
There is a current Catalina deal for Crystal Light @ Shaw's;
Crystal Light Catalina (8/6 – 9/2/12)
  • buy 2, get $1
  • buy 3, get $2
  • buy 4+, get $3

& NOW there is a current Kraft Catalina deal @ Shaw's, which also includes Crystal Light;
Kraft Catalina (8/19-9/15)
  • Buy 3-5 products, get $2
  • Buy 6-9 products, get $5
  • Buy 10+ products, get $10
So here is how your transaction will play out;
  • Purchase 10 Crystal light @ $1.99 each = $19.90
  • Receive $10 Kraft Catalina & Receive $3 Crystal Light Catalina
It's like paying $.69 each after Catalinas!!! WOOHOO!
There are also many tearpad coupons for Crystal Light floating around, so be on the look out for those, too!!!


  1. i'm not as experienced with shaws catalia's as i am with something like walgreens. once i get the cat.s can i use them to do the same transaction again? (roll them)

    thank you!

    1. You sure can, Amy! That's my plan, too!